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When it’s Time to Replace Your Roof

replace your roof

When it’s time to replace your roof, it may seem like a big decision. But the best approach is to think of your roof as a system, with all its parts working together to protect your home from moisture and extreme weather. In the same way that you shop for cars, compare models and brands, look at contractor ratings, and choose a dealer that offers good service and prices, so too with your roofing job.

You should first figure out the color, shape and materials you want to use. Then you can browse shingle manufacturers’ websites and drive around your neighborhood to see examples of different colors and styles on houses with similar architectural finishes. For instance, a dark asphalt shingle is an excellent match for blue and green siding and brick, says architectural color consultant Bonnie Krims. She says the shingles also go well with black, gray and white siding.

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Another consideration is the age of your current roof. Asphalt shingles are typically limited to two decades, so if yours is nearing that limit, it’s probably time for a replacement. You may also have a sagging roof that’s a safety risk and doesn’t protect your home from water and wind.

Before the re-roofing starts, make sure you get the contractor to trim back tree branches that encroach on your roof and to move outdoor furniture, ceramic landscaping features and other items that could be harmed by falling debris. Then ask about clean-up and disposal costs. And be prepared for some noise and disruption during the re-roofing.

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