Helena Guergis Business Three of the Best Hantek Oscilloscope Models

Three of the Best Hantek Oscilloscope Models

Hantek is a manufacturer of general instruments that makes oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, digital multimeters, function generators, and more. Their products are popular for their performance, affordability and range of features. This article will discuss three of the best Hantek oscilloscope models to help you decide which one is right for your needs. Resource: www.oscilloscopepros.com

The 2D72 is a very affordable two-channel digital storage scope that also has an AWG and a multimeter built in. It has a 1 GSa/s real-time sampling rate and can be used as a portable unit or on the workbench. It has all the features needed for an entry-level digital storage scope and is perfect for students or hobbyists.

Exploring Innovation: The Cutting-Edge Features of Hantek Oscilloscopes

This dual-channel USB oscilloscope has a host USB port on the front panel that allows it to save waveforms and setups to a standard flash drive. It also supports firmware upgrades using files that can be downloaded from Hantek’s website and copied to a flash drive. This makes it easy to keep the scope current without having to constantly reference the manual. It also has a very helpful built-in HELP SYSTEM that provides relevant on-screen help at the press of a button.

This is a very affordable PC-based two-channel oscilloscope. It uses your computer monitor as the display and has many of the same functions you would expect from a full-featured benchtop scope. It does not have very high bandwidth or sample rates, but it is perfect for what [Adrian] was using it for (working on Commodore 64 computers). It also has an AWG built in that generates square, triangle, sine, trapezoid, and several other arbitrary waveforms.

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