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The Best Direct Mail List Providers

best direct mail list providers

The top direct mail list providers offer different services that meet various marketing requirements. Some provide design options, others may focus on turnaround time, while some are cheaper than the rest or even free to use. Some of these mailing list companies also provide industry-specific marketing campaigns. For example, Gunderson Direct helps telemedicine, B2B companies, and financial advisors with their direct mail strategies. Other mailers like SaaSMQL help SaaS companies while some, such as 48HourPrint, offer EDDM, which is an affordable way for small businesses to reach the masses via USPS without having to buy their own list. More info onlinestatements.us

While some of the best direct mail list providers are well-known and highly reputable, other companies are less known but equally as promising. One of the top choices is Prospects Influential, which claims to be able to help businesses generate leads, nurture them with content, and convert them into sales. The company offers a wide range of services that include consulting, strategy planning, data, and testing.

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Another popular service is Caldwell List Company, which provides targeted lists at competitive prices. The company’s ad-serving and e-mail verification systems allow it to ensure the deliverability of its lists. Additionally, the company’s mailing list configurator enables you to set the qualifiers that are most important for your direct mail campaign. For example, it allows you to filter out people who do not want to receive your mailers. The company also helps you save money by excluding no-stat and inactive addresses.

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