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MUGA Pitch Contractors

MUGA pitch contractors

The Multi Use Games Area (MUGA Pitch) is an ideal solution for schools, sports clubs and many other organizations with limited space but lots of people wishing to play a variety of different sports at the same time. They can offer all in one football, basketball, netball and tennis areas and allow you to save money, resources and time on installing separate facilities for these different activities.

MUGAs have been proven to be very popular with both children and adults, providing an excellent way for them to enjoy playing multiple sports in one compacted area. Unlike real grass, there is no need for watering or maintenance, meaning they can be used year round. This can help to boost income for your school as the facility can be hired out to local sports teams when it isn’t in use by students.

The Future of MUGA Pitch Construction: Trends and Innovations

Our MUGA contractors can offer you a choice of surface types to suit the individual sports you want to play on your new facility. These include 2G synthetic surfacing which can have sand filled, sand dressed or needle punch synthetic grass, and 3G surfaces that are a longer pile artificial turf surface with sand and performance infill for a hardwearing surface ideal for football and rugby. Or for a softer, more versatile option you can opt for a polymeric surface that uses rubber granules and an EPDM structural spray coat with anti-slip capabilities.

All of the surfaces offered by our MUGA pitch contractors are designed to be all-weather options that can be played on rain or shine and they provide high levels of durability that mean your MUGA will stand the test of time. They also need less maintenance than natural grass and don’t require any special measures to be undertaken in excessively dry or wet conditions, so they are great for the environment as well.

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