Helena Guergis Law Moseley Collins Law Firm – Medical Malpractice Attorney

Moseley Collins Law Firm – Medical Malpractice Attorney

Moseley Collins Law suffer significant losses from the negligence of healthcare providers. These losses include life-long medical treatment, rehabilitation, and nursing care as well as lost income due to being unable to work, loss of quality of life, pain and suffering, and other financial and non-financial damages. The law requires that victims receive compensation for these losses. This can be accomplished by filing a claim or lawsuit against the responsible parties.

It is critical to retain a New York malpractice attorney experienced in the prosecution of these claims. These claims are based on the theory that a doctor or healthcare provider violated his or her duty of care by deviating from the accepted medical standards in the field of medicine. To be successful, an attorney must use the testimony of expert witnesses.

Moseley Collins Law: Your Ally in Pursuing Justice for Medical Malpractice

The expert witness must establish that the healthcare provider owed a duty of care, failed to exercise this duty of care, and as a result, directly caused injury. This is often difficult because it can be difficult to determine whether the injury was the result of the healthcare provider’s actions or not.

Once the expert witness is called, the defense lawyer will try to discredit his or her testimony by bringing in another medical expert and attempting to show that the alleged malpractice did not cause damage. Additionally, the defense may try to prove that the victim’s own actions played a part in causing the injuries. If the claim cannot be resolved during pretrial negotiations, it may be necessary to bring the matter before a jury.

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