Helena Guergis Blog Military Auctions – Expand Your Collection Without Breaking the Bank

Military Auctions – Expand Your Collection Without Breaking the Bank

military auctions

In the world of auctions, military auctions items are a popular and profitable market. From vintage muskets to modern pieces of armor, military auctions have a wide variety of items for sale. Military auctions are often a good way to expand your collection without breaking the bank.

Everything that the military doesn’t need – tents, clothing, equipment, and so on is sold at these auctions. These are not private auctions but rather government-affiliated sites that sell on behalf of the military. The site is paid a commission for each item that they sell. These websites usually have extensive inventories including ex-military jeeps and Humvees.

Exploring the Fascinating World of Military Surplus Auctions

A moving and storage company in Portsmouth, Virginia recently had to postpone an online auction of 105 containers filled with household goods because of a social media firestorm. The original Facebook post, which has since been removed, showed photos of boxes that didn’t appear to be included in the auction. Many military family commenters were concerned that their belongings would be sold off in this fashion.

When bidding on military items, it is important to know the history of the piece you’re interested in buying. A good starting point is the auction website’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This information can help you determine whether the auction is a good fit for you and your collecting goals. In addition, you should be familiar with the method of payment required by the auction site and any time-restricted deposit or payment options.

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