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Meet Positives Review

meet positives

Meet positives is an STD dating site and app that helps individuals with herpes, genital warts, chlamydia, HIV, and other sexually transmitted infections find a partner. It solves a real need for many people as most STDs are stigmatized and erroneously associated with immoral or licentious sexual behavior when in reality the majority of these diseases were contracted through no fault of their own and often at the hands of someone that they trusted. Find out https://meetpositives.com/

In addition to providing a safe place to find a date or friend, meet positives offers an active community forum for sharing success stories and offering support. The site also has a chatroom that is open to premium members only and is an excellent way to get to know other individuals who live with herpes or other STIs. Additionally, the site also hosts member events for those living in the area who would like to try new things or simply have a fun social gathering.

Connecting Beyond Diagnosis: Building Meaningful Relationships on Meet Positives

The site is free to use and includes features such as the ability to “like” profiles or send winks. However, in order to start a conversation you must be a premium member which costs $35 per month. This is in the same price range as other reputable dating apps such as Tinder.

If you’re interested in meeting potential new friends but don’t have the time or resources to commit to a full-fledged dating app, consider looking into local groups that gather around specific interests and hobbies. You can find these types of groups by searching online or by checking community bulletin boards.

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