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Growing Weed From Seed

Seed weeds have a purpose, and that’s to grow more plants. That’s why the first step in growing great weed is selecting good seeds from a reputable breeder or seed bank. Buying high quality seeds ensures that your crop will start with solid genetics, and that your plants won’t be plagued by disease or pests.

Growing weed from seed is also an excellent way to experiment with different strains and genetics. However, starting from scratch can be intimidating to new growers. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that will make the process much easier.

The best seeds will be plump and dark in color, and they will have a subtle membrane that covers a harder layer. Underneath this is a substance called albumen, a nutrient reserve that will keep your seed alive until it begins to germinate.

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Seeds also have a very distinctive smell, which is why it’s important to avoid smoking them. Smoking seeds is a lot like eating burnt barbecue — it just doesn’t taste good.

When growing weed from seed, you will have to identify male and female plants (more on that in our video series on how to grow weed). Only female cannabis plants produce buds, so it’s vital to remove the males before harvest. Otherwise, your weed will be filled with seeds and won’t be as potent. This process is known as sexing, and it can be time-consuming for new growers. That’s why many people choose to buy feminized seeds from Dutch Passion, which guarantee 95% or more of the offspring will be female.

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