Helena Guergis Recreation Diesel Chip Australia – Getting More Power From Your Diesel

Diesel Chip Australia – Getting More Power From Your Diesel

diesel chip australia

Modern diesel ecu remapping gold coast are great for towing and general 4×4 use. They are also great workhorses but many diesel owners want more power from their diesel vehicle and the good news is that it can be done quite safely if you choose your tuning system carefully. Many diesel chip australia systems simply plug into the common rail pressure circuit and ramp up the fuel injectors pressure, this increases the amount of fuel injected for improved power and economy.

The problem is that adding extra fuel also increases exhaust gas temperatures and if the ECU sees that the engine is running too hot it will throw a check engine light or put the vehicle into limp mode to prevent damage to the engine components. This can be disastrous for your 4×4 and may lead to expensive repairs or even total engine failure.

Under the Hood: Exploring the Services and Expertise Offered by Diesel Repair Shops

Another type of diesel performance module plugs into the map sensor and alters the factory fuel curve, it does not increase the injector pressure but rather holds the injector open longer to allow more air into the combustion cycle. This gives much improved power and economy but again, it raises Exhaust Gas Temperatures and causes black smoke from the engine.

The Steinbauer diesel performance modules are developed and manufactured right here in Australia. They are backed by Steinbauer’s 70 years of diesel engine development and technical support. For diesel enthusiasts who have the time and know how to work on their cars, these kits are the best way to get maximum performance from their vehicle.

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