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Clairvoyance – How to Become Clairvoyant


Many people walk around clairvoyantly unaware of their gift. And the ones who do know may feel like they are going crazy when they tell other people that they see things that can’t be explained. But clairvoyance is not a psychic curse and is actually very natural for us. Clairvoyant experiences don’t rise and fall in dramatic ways, but more subtly and slowly. You might notice that you are especially sensitive to colors or that your vision is particularly clear and vivid. Or maybe you are very drawn to beautiful and harmonious surroundings. regarde ça

Those who have clairvoyance can see, hear, feel, and sense information that is beyond the usual range of the human senses. This is known as extrasensory perception or ESP. If you are clairvoyant, you can also see past, present, and future events. People with clairvoyance are called clairvoyants (/kle@r’voI’nt/).

Empowering Your Spiritual Journey: Harnessing Clairvoyance for Guidance

The most common form of clairvoyance is visual. It is the ability to perceive with your inner eye or ‘third eye’. This can include seeing images of the past and the future, as well as’seeing’ energy. This can be combined with clairaudience, the ability to hear psychic information, including spirit guides and deceased spirits, as well as clairsentience, the ability to ‘feel’ information.

One way to try out your clairvoyant abilities is to have someone place 7 or 8 items in an empty room. When you come back to study them, jot down as much detail about each object as you can remember. This will help strengthen your visualization abilities. You can also work on your clairvoyance by doing things such as meditation and focusing on the area between your brows.

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