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Choosing a Hanging Mail Organizer

hanging mail organizer

The right hanging mail organizer can add a functional touch to your home without taking up desk or counter space. The best designs have multiple compartments, tiers, or trays to sort out incoming letters, files, and fliers along with smaller caddies for pens, paper clips, letter openers, and other office supplies. The size and look of the organizer can also influence its placement in your homeā€”if you prefer something compact, opt for a vertical wall mount. If you have a lot of mail to deal with, go for a larger model with more slots, like the Pottery Barn Trenton 3 Tiered Organizer.

For a contemporary design, look for a metal and wood combination. The contrasting black wire mesh and light oak finish on this wall-mounted organizer is visually interesting and will blend in with many types of industrial-inspired furniture. This style is ideal for a home office or a trendy home, but it’s equally suitable for a more rustic space or a cottagecore-inspired kitchen.

Declutter Your Space: Streamline Your Mail with a Functional Hanging Mail Organizer

A more traditional take on a mail organizer has deep wood tones, slatted dividers, and key hooks at the bottom for your keys. The open sides of this mail organizer are great for storing items other than mail, like postcards or photos from your vacation. If you prefer a beachy vibe, this whitewashed model will fit in perfectly with your coastal decor.

If you’re looking for a more decorative approach to organizing your mail, try this gold metal basket. Its elegant look is sure to bring a sophisticated feel to any entryway or kitchen, while the spacious compartments can hold not only your mail but also magazines and other household essentials.

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