Day: August 2, 2023

How to Add a Cannabis and Weed Delivery Service to Your DispensaryHow to Add a Cannabis and Weed Delivery Service to Your Dispensary

A cannabis or weed delivery business is an excellent way to boost sales and attract customers without having to open and staff a retail store. However, offering home deliveries requires additional investment in hiring and training drivers, maintaining a vehicle fleet, software, gas and insurance, and more. It’s also important to carefully review local delivery regulations to avoid legal ramifications, fines, revocation of your license or even dissolution of your company. Resource :

How does weed delivery work in Canada?

Adding a delivery option can be an exciting addition to your business, but it’s not for every dispensary. In areas with a high population and limited parking space, for example, the cost of implementing this service may not pay off. Before making the decision to add delivery, analyze market data and customer behavior to see if the potential revenue gains outweigh the costs of doing so.

When determining your delivery radius, it’s essential to factor in the time it will take for your couriers to drive to and from each customer’s location. Then, use software that allows you to create optimized routes based on driver availability and projected delivery times. This will help your team save on fuel consumption and reduce wait time for your customers. Additionally, a delivery management system that provides real-time delivery status updates to customers will ensure your customers are never left wondering where their order is. For instance, the software at Circuit for Teams will give customers text or email notifications as soon as their weed delivery driver is en route.